Let Us Show You How to Build Your Spiritual Authority Online

The ebook you’ve just read has covered the very basics of building Authority online as a Christian but that’s only the beginning.

After more than thirty-five years of studying the Bible, I have uncovered Divine Secrets to sound health. It happened in 2012 while I was researching for my first book.

Since then I have gained additional and deeper insights into this and I have also discover how to utilize the Word of God to work in my favour.

The Lord wants you well. So why are so many good Christians dying from sickness and disease before their time?

They don't know how to preserve their good health. Additionally, they are unaware of how to regain their health if they fall ill.

The Lord Jesus showed us how to live a sick-free life. Many of us read this Word of God but don't realize its implication for a life without pain and disease.

The Lord revealed this Word to me and I want to share it with ONLY those who desire to live in your authority.

Many renown people in the Bible lived to "a good old age", why? The Lord has not changed. But He wants us to realize that we can live to be 70 or 80 or more depending on our strength.

Believers should not become sick and die as the unbelievers. Where is the difference? Where is the power of God to keep us?

It's in His Word and I want to teach you how to have authority with God to live above all your circumstances. Including sickness and diseases.

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